Project Description

Seasonal flu places heavy burden on human populations and healthcare systems, thus, require permanent surveillance. Current surveillance methods are robust yet slow. With the collaboration of national and international public health institutions, we are developing models that can timely predict flu levels by using a combination of offline and online data (such as search trends and social media shares).


Involved researchers
  • Cláudio Vieira
  • Miguel Won (past member)


M. Won, C. Louro, M.M. Pita, J. Gonçalves-Sá, “Early and Real-Time Detection of Seasonal Influenza Onset”, (2017), PLoS Comput Bio 13 (2)


Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

  • PTDC IVC ESCT 5337 2012
  • DSAIPA/AI/0087/2018


Starting Date: 2017
Ending Date: December 2018