The digital revolution is bringing about enormous risks and challenges that cannot be solved by scientists and experts alone.

Deep and broad societal discussions are urgent and at the SPAC group we are strongly engaged into making these happen. Here you can find some of our views and we welcome yours.

10 months and 10 articles

We organized a series of articles, together with Jornal Público, that covered many different risks that society faces in a simple and clear language.

Over 10 months we described and discussed some of the possible darker side of Digital Revolution. We begun by explaining the so-called recommendation systems (or what supermarket points are for) and then discussed how current legislation (does not) protect us. In the weeks that followed, we saw if we should cover our phone’s camera, how to deal with health data, and how to identify fake news. We offered information and practical tips, while also addressing issues of principle and ethical values. The goal was to help us think about the world not as it exists today, but as we would like it to be. Because the future is decided now.

Confidence and Decision Making

This is a series of texts on confidence and the role it plays in human decision making. Several will use the current pandemic as a case study and mix references, from academic articles to pieces for the general public, cartoons, memes, our own data and results with ideas and hypothesis. We would love to hear your feedback!

Other opinion articles